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Notable Recent Publications - January, 2021

Notable Recent Publications features the latest empirical research and data related to indigent defense. Should you have suggestions, ideas for work that should be included, or trouble accessing any of the articles featured, please write to . Articles Joseph J. Avery, Jordan Starck, Yiqiao Zhong, Jonathan D. Avery, and Joel Cooper Is your own team against you? Implicit bias and interpersonal regard in criminal defense , Journal of Social Psychology. "Racial disparities in conviction and incarceration have been lamentable features of legal systems for a long time. Research has addressed the attitudes and decisions of police, prosecutors, jurors, and judges in contributing to these disparities, but very little attention has been paid to defendants’ own team members—i.e., criminal defense attorneys. Researchers have specifically identified this as a “scholarly gap”. To address this, we conducted an empirical study of criminal defense attorneys practicing in