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Call for Presentations: Seventh Annual National Convening on Research and Data in Indigent Defense

This year the American Society of Criminology meeting will be in Washington D.C. Nov 18-21, and IDRA will be holding our Seventh National Convening on Research and Data in Indigent Defense. We're pleased to announce a call for presentations for this unique event.

Call for Presentations
Seventh Annual National Convening on 
Research and Data in Indigent Defense,
The American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting

As in previous years, we will host panels of presentations from IDRA members. Panels are 80 minutes long and typically have three presentations followed by Q&A, though exact format is flexible. You should feel free to submit entire panels, or single presentations, which we will organize into panels of three. The ASC meeting ‘hosts’ us – which means that they place our panels on the program of their larger meeting, but arrange them in a ‘track’, scheduled sequentially in the same room. We won’t know the exact room number or schedule for the panels until late summer of this year, but we will update you as soon as those details become available.

Any topic related to research and data in indigent defense in any way is suitable. Panelists often present on the findings of recent research they have conducted, but it is equally acceptable to present on other topics that fall under the defense & data umbrella. Recent meetings have included presentations on issues related to building data systems, campaigns to improve data collection in defense nationally, and the strategic use of data in litigation. You do not need to be a professional researcher or data scientist: some of our best presentations have been from practicing public defenders who have come and share results from a new policy experiment they have tried.

The deadline for submissions is March 13, 2020.  Please supply:
  • A title for your presentation
  • An abstract for your presentation
  • Your name, email, mailing address, and phone number
If you wish to submit a complete panel of three presentations, please submit the above information for every presentation on the panel, and also a title for the whole panel.

For reference, information on this event last year can be found on that event's page. General information about the American Society of Criminology meeting can be found at their website. To submit your proposal, or if you have questions about potential submissions, please contact Andrew Davies (